Bitcoin’s Civil War Is Ending Soon

Bitcoin’s Civil War

The Bitcoin community is heavily divided into two camps and the main battleground is Reddit. There are currently two different sub-reddits for Bitcoin which are r/Bitcoin and r/btc. Most bitcoiners get their news from Reddit. I know this because I used to run a Bitcoin news website, and the only place we could get significant traffic from was Reddit.

Disagreement stems from the Blocksize debate. In the current implementation of Bitcoin, the block size has a maximum capacity of one Megabyte. Unfortunately, this block size limit does not scale well. There were many proposed solutions to this problem, but the discussions got out of hand. Many people were censored on the original r/Bitcoin, and these Bitcoin enthusiasts no longer had a voice. Some of the censored voices decided to create r/btc instead.

In this article I will propose a solution to bring the two communities together again. The vast majority of people interested in Bitcoin wish it to succeed.

Segregated Witness Is Going Live Soon

Segregated Witness (SegWit) is set to go live in the coming months. The changes are controversial as they are proposed by Core/Blockstream which is also it’s own company. Many in the r/btc community feel these changes will be hurtful to Bitcoin. Some have even suggested that team members of Blockstream may have bets against Bitcoin and are intentionally sabotaging Bitcoin. There are others who say that the SegWit changes are poorly coded and increase the complexity of Bitcoin too much.

Suggestions for r/btc

For those that say SegWit is bad code, you must provide evidence of this. Show us in the code exactly what is wrong with it. Too many in the community have never even programmed in C++ before, but yet they say the changes are buggy. How do you know?

Secondly, most people want Bitcoin to succeed. There are short positions on every stock traded company in the world. That does not imply that somebody is actively trying to sabotage them.

Suggestions for r/Bitcoin

Reddit was created with a down-vote button. Moderators of r/Bitcoin have been censoring and blocking people much too easily. Do you want to be remembered as a small cartel who alienated half of the Bitcoin community with your policies?

Please unblock those you disagreed with. Do you really believe you are benefiting Bitcoin by censorship and strong hand tactics?

How The Bitcoin Civil War Finishes

The proposed SegWit changes appear likely to go through soon. The community must reunite if Bitcoin is to have a long and prosperous future. Let us end the censorship and stop spreading fear.

Bitcoin is the most amazing technology of our generation. That’s what brought most of us into Bitcoin in the first place. Let us assume people have good intentions until proven otherwise.


  1. todu

    November 10, 2016

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    Moderation is not nearly the same as censorship.

    The rules in the rbitcoin sub are clear; You can talk about big blocks, you can talk about block size increases, bips that address that, different implementations (btcd, knots, SPV software, etc) but anything that breaks consensus is effectively creating a new coin, and altcoins (or attempting to split bitcoin in two coins) are offtopic.

    It’s really offensive to see people calling it censorship; there is no authority involved.

    Or should I claim you are censoring me for not allowing me to write on your website about classical Japanese art?

  2. z

    November 10, 2016

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    committing segwit proior to addressing the block size enables the small blockers to stay at 1 mb forever, forcing everyone to the Federal reserve lighting network. Don’t believe me just watch

    • todu

      November 10, 2016

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      unfortunately it is a stupid idea given quadratic hashing and utxo bloat to increase the block size without addressing the issues that segwit addresses

  3. jj

    November 10, 2016

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    There are many people can show you where the segwit code is wrong, it is wrong everywhere it has changed, just do a diff between 0.12 and the segwit version, and you will see all those several thousands of lines of changes that are wrong

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