Visualize The Best Python Books

Visualize The Best Python Books

Below is a visualization of best Python books according to average Amazon user rating and number of reviews. My methodology was to go through the list of the highest rated Python books and sort them, first by number of stars and then by number of reviewers. I removed potential books which had less than 7 reviews, books less than 100 pages, books older than 10 years, and books not directly on Python. At the end of the story I provide my analysis and the data in a Python dictionary. All the pictures are clickable links to the book on Amazon where you can verify the rating and purchase the book.

5 Star Python Books

Python For Biologists - 14 Reviews

14 Reviews


8 Reviews

4.9 Star Python Books

Two Scoops Of Django - 40 reviews

40 reviews

4.8 Star Python Books

Fluent Python

5 reviews

Python Programming For Arduino - 17 reviews

17 reviews

Learning Robotics Using Python - 8 reviews

8 reviews

4.7 Star Python Books

Python For Informatics - 219 reviews

219 reviews

Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python - 125 reviews

125 reviews

Making Games With Python - 69 reviews

69 reviews

Effective Python - 67 reviews

67 reviews

Python Programming: Learn Python Today - 55 reviews

55 reviews

Test Driven Development With Python

37 reviews

Intermediate Python Programming - 26 reviews

26 reviews

Hackers Guide To Python - 14 reviews

14 reviews

More Python Programming - 11 reviews

11 reviews

Computer Science Python - 8  reviews

8 reviews

4.6 Star Python Books

Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

185 reviews

Python For Kids - 150 reviews

150 reviews

Python Cookbook

75 reviews

Python Essential Reference

70 reviews

Flask Web Development - 54 reviews

54 reviews

Python OO Programming - 49 reviews

49 reviews

Introducing Python - 41 reviews

41 reviews

Web Scraping With Python

35 reviews

Python Scripting Comp Sci - 13 reviews

13 reviews

4.5 Star Python Books

Python Programming - 213 reviews

213 reviews

Python Programming Beginners - 126 reviews

126 reviews

Python For Beginners - 113 reviews

113 reviews

Hacking Ciphers Python - 78 reviews

78 reviews

Python Scripting ArcGIS - 59 reviews

59 reviews

Quick Python Book - 54 reviews

54 reviews

Python Guide - 46 reviews

46 reviews

Game Development Python - 39 reviews

39 reviews

GUI Programming Python - 37 reviews

37 reviews

Learning Python - 15 reviews

15 reviews

Python For Kids - 13 reviews

13 reviews

IPython Interactive - 10 reviews

10 reviews

Lessons Learned from Visualizing The Best Python Books

The Cython book, Fluent Python, and Two Scoops of Django were all great books so I expected to see those towards the top. Tons of beginner books made the list as well. Surprisingly, the number one book was a niche Python book for biologists. And there was even a book called “Python For Kids For Dummies“.

The Data – Visualize Best Python Books

For a nicely formatted version of the data I created a link on my Github for the file. Feel free to use the data any way you want.

Was this data visualization of the best Python books useful for you? Do you have any interesting ideas for how to visualize the books? Drop me a comment.

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    Nice. However a lot more interesting would be the way you compiled the data in the first place if you automated it …

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